Circle Summary: Reach Employees’ Hearts Through Their Ears with Professional Podcasting

Webinar featuring Integral’s media production expert George Faulkner and CEO Ethan McCarty

Chances are at some point this year, in addition to asking yourself, “When will all of this go back to normal?” you’ve thought, “Since when did podcasting get so big?”

Podcasting has become ingrained into our daily routines. Whether you’ve received a targeted ad for a podcast about a TV show you just watched, have a friend who picked up podcasting as a hobby during quarantine, or are one of the millions of listeners of the NYT’s podcast “The Daily”, it appears podcasting is here to stay, and for good reason. 

Integral sees podcasting as one of the most effective (and easiest) ways for company leadership to authentically engage with their employees, so we held a webinar to discuss why podcasting should be on your team’s goal list for 2021 and how to successfully implement it.

George Faulkner, an expert on all things media and a consultant with Integral, and our CEO Ethan McCarty, cover everything from the biggest challenges producers face, to how to go from amateur host to expert interviewer.

The webinar is about 45 minutes long, and while it really is worth the listen, we’ve summarized some of the highlights below for you:

1. Don’t let equipment & production skills deter you from jumping in. 

George says your laptop can do 3/4ths of the job for you. Editing skills can be taught quickly, and done on free services such as Audacity. But Ethan and George do recommend investing in solid mics, such as the Blue Yeti.

2. Measuring success requires looking at the right metrics.

Instead of looking at how many total listens your podcast gets, look at how many listen in its entirety. George says the true sign of a winning episode is the amount of people who stay to the end and how many return later to listen again. 

3. There is no average sweet-spot of frequency or duration.

A few viewers asked how often a company should produce internal podcasts and how long they should run. George said it really depends on two things: how long it takes you to produce a pod from start to finish, and how long you can discuss the topic without losing focus in the conversation yourself. 

If you were to take away any advice from their discussion, let it be this note from George: produce the art and content you feel passionate about, and your audience will feel that authenticity, too.

Mary Grace Scully
Associate Client Manager
Mary Grace is a communications and content enthusiast who thrives off of developing authentic relationships with teammates and clients.

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