How your brand can guide your return to work strategy

Lately, my friend and fellow consultant, Jennifer Zanfardino and I have been having conversations about the future of organizational culture. 

What does it look like today? And how do we continue the work of assessing, evolving and nurturing it when our systems of belonging have changed, seemingly overnight? 

Recently, she joined me for a webinar on return to work strategies where we attempted to answer these, as well as some other pretty big questions. We discussed the ways that brand acts as a powerful filter for deciding what employees will experience as they come back to work. And that alongside the loss of some important artifacts and shared experiences, we can make space for the creation of new ones that will serve employees in the ways they most need today.

As a follow-up effort to make a brand-led return to work as actionable as possible, Jennifer and I created this toolkit, designed to help employee experience managers, HR professionals, internal communicators and strategists evaluate and prioritize the ways your employer brand might evolve as related to a “return to work.”

Run with your team, or by yourself, we hope it delivers clarity and a sense of priority in these transformational times. 

If you’re currently mapping your return to work strategy and wondering what experience is right for your brand and employees, email us at We’d love to run a virtual session with you to uncover your Signature Moments and new ideas.

You can watch the full webinar with Jennifer here, or download the transcript.

Julia Race
Director of Strategy
Julia is an organizational culture strategist and leadership coach with a background in brand transformation.
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