Remote Teams Toolkit #2: How to get leadership out in front of business change

What does it mean to lead in today’s climate?

If you’re like me, you’re paying close attention to the companies setting the bar for leadership right now.

What am I looking for? Companies reaffirming brand promises and values by offering products or services to those who need them most and companies who are keeping employees on as regular a pay schedule as possible as business goes remote. 

Brands like Levi’s, Nordstroms and Apple time and again underscore the value of their culture as a north star during challenging times. They prioritize the experience of their employees and they do it publicly — but without being self-congratulatory. 

And then there are companies who aren’t. 

I won’t name names, but I’ve been discouraged to hear from friends and news reports of the brands who are choosing profit over people. We all must protect the health of our businesses, but especially in these times, the health of our humans must come first. 

How did we get here? Who can change it?

Leadership behaviors calibrate a company’s moral compass. Right now, leaders must face front, get personally involved and get themselves positioned to drive a recovery agenda. That’s why this week’s toolkit is focused on the C-Suite: how we champion organizational leaders to get more involved, create experiences over content, and show up as the most engaged, strategic and visionary versions of themselves. 

Interested in how to get your leadership onboard? Let us help. Our expertise in executive coaching and organizational change has helped countless leaders pivot and adopt new behaviors amidst a challenging climate.

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Julia Race
Director of Strategy
Julia is an organizational culture strategist and leadership coach with a background in brand transformation.

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