Remote Teams Toolkit: How to stay connected and collaborative during COVID-19

Goodwill and generosity are never more important than in times of crisis. 

As our team grapples with the impact of a global pandemic, we’re intently discussing how to be of greater service to each other, our communities, clients, and the people they serve. Integral remains committed to providing insights and opportunities for organizations and their leaders to support the people that will make the work keep working: employees.

That’s why each week, we’ll be issuing a free toolkit featuring the latest and greatest exercises and resources for optimizing and sustaining remote teams. As our knowledge evolves, we’re dedicated to ensuring yours will too. Check back Tuesday, March 24th for the next edition. Download the free remote employee engagement toolkit.

Are you currently having a specific employee-centric challenge or request for support? Get in touch. We’re a Zoom call away. 

Download the free Remote Employee Toolkit Volume 1

Julia Race
Director of Strategy
Julia is an organizational culture strategist and leadership coach with a background in brand transformation.

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