Integral Employee Activation Index

Black background. On the left, small images of generation graphics in green and white, with the copy, "Integral Employee Activation Index"
Integral and The Harris Poll find employees are giving employers a performance review

We show that an organization’s performance on societal and political issues impacts employee turnover and performance on the job.

With many corporate employees working from home, the division between work and home life narrowed. At the same time, employees and employers found themselves demanding more of one another than ever.

Integral invited over 2,000 employees representing four generations,
a cross-section of industries, and company sizes to share their workplace experience and perceptions on mindset, priorities, compensation, and values against 25 societal and political topics.

Download the Integral Employee Activation Index
to get key insights and the implications for seeking to help employees stay engaged:
  • How employees with a clear sense of their organization’s values perceive their employer
  • Factors that impact why employees are more likely to change jobs
  • Understanding employee generational expectations in interactions with peers
  • The value of personalization of messages and channels in employee communications
  • How gender roles impact the types of organizational involvement that employees are interested in.