It’s Time to Value Your Employees’ Values

An Integral Index Deep Dive

More than 75% of employees surveyed* know and believe in their company’s values yet it turns out, 39% of respondents say their company’s values don’t reflect their values. That gap is costly to both employees and employers and the message is clear: It’s time to value your employees’ values.

  1. Do company values need to match employees’ values? Not necessarily. But during this time of Great  Resignation, employers need to tally the costs of hiring with the cost on other employees when the average time it takes to fill a position is 42 days and our research indicates the more a company’ values reflect their employees’ values, the less likely people are to change jobs.
  2. Values alignment is good for business but actions matter: your “values-led” culture needs to be demonstrable for employees to believe it.
  3. The values gap impacts employees’ daily mindset: the cognitive dissonance between how you ask employees to show up and what is inherent to them can be costly, mentally, physically, and for productivity. Managers may be the key to bridging the gap but will require support and training.

In this report we take a deep dive into the relationship of personal and company values, we dive deeper into the data and provide tactical actions for Human Resources and Internal Communications teams to take to address the gap with their employees.

*The Integral Employee Activation Index was released in September 2021. A measurement of employee readiness to support organizational goals was conducted in collaboration with The Harris Poll, surveying over 2,000 employees across 4 generations.

Melissa Dain
Director, Culture & Change Strategy
As part of Integral’s executive team, Melissa leads strategists, client managers, and consultants to reimagine how clients handle change and its impact on company culture.

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