Navigating the CommTech Ecosystem Webinar Recap

Find the Right Tools for Your Team

Finding the right tools to facilitate collaboration is more important than ever. With hybrid work becoming the norm, it is imperative that remote employees are engaged and have ways to collaborate. The solution is known as communication technology or CommTech. Yet, it can be difficult to navigate the thousands of tools to find the right one to fit your team’s needs.

Integral’s Digital Workplace Consultant, Scott Ashen, and CEO, Ethan McCarty discussed the major questions and misconceptions around CommTech, and how the Integral CommTech Catalog can help streamline your search. 

Read our key highlights below or watch the 30-minute replay:

  • CommTech is a three-legged stool
    Tech is fundamental to what CommTech offers. More importantly, CommTech needs to be thought of in three equal parts: tools, methods and people. Only after viewing these tools as a comprehensive offering with inputs and audiences, should you move forward with your search (4:17)
  • Focus on the need before selecting the tool
    Scott advises clients to ask themselves why they need an application to meet strategic objectives. His recommendation? Stop and think about the communications plan, what is lacking from it, and how a tool can fill that gap (5:30)
  • Half the battle is knowing where to begin the search
    For sure, there’s a lot of information available about CommTech. Yes, it can overwhelm and inundate your inbox with sales emails. However, Ethan provided a demo overview of the Integral CommTech Catalog, that categorizes over 300 CommTech tools around the themes of content, insights, relationships and workflows (10:19)
  • Employees are the best indicator of the types of tools you need
    Most definitely, employees have a rapidly rising expectation to have consumer-like experiences at work. Listen to employee populations for  complaints about tools that aren’t meeting needs and gaps in needs (5:11)
  • Turn CommTech tool insights into action
    First, it is important to inform and engage internal stakeholders – from HR to Compliance – and employees early on into adoption plans of tools. Then, keep stakeholders and employees updated on progress and findings along the way through continued and strategic communication. Decision-makers and those on the receiving end will ultimately know their input is valuable and directly impacts initiatives moving forward (24:51)

In summary, Integral can assist your organization in creating a thoughtful employee communications plan that intersects with your digital workplace. Our expertise can help you optimize your intranet/digital workplace to support your business goals.

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