Widening the net. Build a more diverse talent strategy for Veterans

Visit the U.S. Department of Labor for Resources

Scope out local talent by connecting with Regional Veterans’ Employment Coordinator, an organization that “works with federal, state and local resources’ to facilitate Veterans’ employment.” This organization offers a tool to connect with a RVEC representative in your area to further learn how you can begin recruiting veterans.  

You will also find hiring best practices and toolkits to successfully begin recruiting talent.

Talk to your colleagues

Help might just be a Slack message away. Discuss the desire to hire veterans with your co-workers, particularly those with a military background, as they may know of initiatives from prior jobs that can be a good starting point. My co-worker, John Buchholz, volunteers for Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit organization that helps military vets and their spouses with resume and cover letter writing. Hire Heroes also offers employer training and talent sourcing to further support your recruiting efforts.

Advertise on your careers page

Make it known to job seekers that your company is looking to hire veterans. Work with your web development team to craft a targeted page or section for veteran applicants. Track the page to record KPIs that will help improve outreach over time. Use effective branding on your careers page like Intel, XPO Logistics and Northrop Grunman.

Prioritize mental health

If a veteran employee at your company has served in combat it is best to be cognizant of that individual’s experience. Your company culture can include a safe mental health space for veteran employees. Advocate for employee benefits to also include discounted memberships or healthcare resources for accessibility to therapists or mental health platforms – this can benefit all employees as well as veterans.

The future of work can be better for everyone. When organizations make hiring processes more inclusive, we will start to see more veterans prepare to journey through civilian life with more confidence. More jobs will be created and teams will learn new ways of thinking and building from experienced armed service people. Veterans who have dedicated their lives keeping the United States safe will be able to experience a new work force and establish a better life outside of poverty.  

Shantel Risher
Client Relationship Manager
Shantel is an experienced project lead who thrives in a creative, digital media landscape. A “jill-of-all trades,” she enjoys creating and producing content while maintaining her passion for organization.

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