The 2023 Integral Index is here.

The Integral Index is a national survey of US employees that gives insight into the state of the workplace and how employees feel about it. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing our findings and analysis of key issues in today’s workplace. We’ll also explore how an organization’s actions drive employee engagement, emotions and mindset.

This is our third year working with The Harris Poll on our comprehensive study of employee perceptions and behaviors. We were also privileged to have Dr. Rita Men contribute to our analysis.

Ethan would be delighted to discuss our findings with you or connect you with whatever resources would be of interest to your audience.

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Download Part 1:
What your employees have to teach you about experience, engagement & activation.

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New chapters of the five-part 2023 Integral Index will be released on Tuesdays every three weeks: 

  • September 26Part 1: Experience, Engagement & Activation
  • October 17Part 2: The Changing Workplace
  • November 7Part 3: Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit
  • November 28Part 4: The Golden Rule at Work
  • December 12Part 5: Insights & Recommendations