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Ethan McCarty Launches New Firm Focused on Strengthening Employee Engagement & Activation
April 2, 2018
Former IBM and Bloomberg exec launches Integral Communications Group to help major brands engage, inspire, and activate employees NEW YORK, April 2nd, 2018—Ethan McCarty, a nationally recognized leader in the growing specialty of employee…
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Five ways employee comms can drive bottom-line results
March 30, 2018
To find the ROI, enhance employee productivity by raising awareness of the best ways to work, productivity tools, facilities, and collaboration methods. When talking about communications, there’s a lot of confusion about what qualifies as a…
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Listening – The key to activate employee engagement
February 23, 2018
By Roger Bolton and Ethan McCarty, Global Head of Employee and Innovation Communications, Bloomberg In a dynamic discussion a few weeks ago, a small group of Page and Page Up members meeting in New York City explored the…
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The leaders & culture ‘digital’ demands
October 30, 2017
Two pieces came across my transom today — one a summary of a meeting with IBM’s Ginni Rometty and Jon Iwata, the other a post from friends at Bloomberg Beta. Both indicate to me the direction that winning companies need to…
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Don’t measure “internal communications”
August 7, 2017
Ok, first, allow me to apologize for the slightly click-baity headline. But I actually do mean it. Let’s all stop measuring internal communications for two reasons. First, internal communications is probably not actually internal and, Second,…
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