My journey with CommTech
August 27, 2020
Browsing through my internship project list at the beginning of the summer, I smiled, seeing multiple projects that excited me. Then I came across one that stood out to me: “Employee Experience CommTech Research”.  What did that mean? Were they aware I had never seen the word ‘CommTech’ before? With help from the team, I Read…
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Creating in quarantine: Three lessons I learned as a designer during the pandemic
July 14, 2020
The isolation many of us have experienced from COVID-19 takes its toll in different ways. From my experience, quarantine stole a part of my identity. As a designer and an imaginative individual, I have a close relationship with creativity. Yet, when COVID-19 struck I found myself lacking vision and it took weeks to realize why. Read…
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Improve Your Sales Teams Communications Before Re-opening
June 2, 2020
One of the most tangible and measurable ways communication teams can help their company is by improving the communications they have with sales teams. Integrating important learnings from the past five months, now is a great time to reevaluate your overall sales communications approach, rather than assume business as usual.  Reconfirm what sales executives expect Read…
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How your brand can guide your return to work strategy
May 20, 2020
Lately, my friend and fellow consultant, Jennifer Zanfardino and I have been having conversations about the future of organizational culture.  What does it look like today? And how do we continue the work of assessing, evolving and nurturing it…
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4 Leaders Managers Should Be Watching Right Now
May 18, 2020
Despite the changing nature of work during this pandemic, one thing hasn’t changed: the importance of the manager as the primary source of communication to front-line employees. Several leaders have emerged across the political spectrum and are…
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Ready for masks in the workplace? Prepare now to communicate a return to work
April 23, 2020
As governments begin to encourage a return to work, employee communications teams should shift their attention to the programs and tools required to foster a safe transition. And, while work may ramp up, it will take time before things return to…
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5 Steps to Communicate Tough Pandemic Decisions Effectively & Compassionately
April 21, 2020
Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Integral Communications Group for its first Inner Circle, a series of 30-minute, live Q&A sessions featuring thought leaders from across the Employee Engagement industry. I joined CEO, Ethan McCarty, for…
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Remote Teams Toolkit #4: What COVID-19 can teach us about diversity
April 17, 2020
Integral is excited to welcome Leslie Stevens as our guest author of the blog and toolkit this week. Leslie is a Masters-in-Residence Scholar at NYU Steinhardt’s Media, Culture and Communication program, DEI researcher, and friend of the…
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Remote Teams Toolkit #3: Empathy in the time of COVID-19
April 3, 2020
What does it mean to be empathetic right now?  This week, I wrote something personal about my journey through a COVID-19 diagnosis, as a human and a business leader. When we talk about the impact of this illness, and as companies…
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Remote Teams Toolkit #2: How to get leadership out in front of business change
March 24, 2020
What does it mean to lead in today’s climate? If you’re like me, you’re paying close attention to the companies setting the bar for leadership right now. What am I looking for? Companies reaffirming brand promises and values by…
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