Business challenge

Campaign design is a critical component of employee communications. A Techsmith report, The Value of Visuals: A Business Case for Visual Communication in the Workplace, notes that there is no one solution to the complex issue of business productivity. Yet, businesses can increase their productivity level by making a multitude of small adjustments. Upgrading internal communications through campaign design can boost engagement and productivity.

Our approach

Quality campaign design is everywhere. As consumers, employees have a robust experience with a variety of digital tools and channels. Some workers incorporate many types of design into their communications. Visuals such videos, GIFs, emojis or photos boost content engagement. Yet many internal communications are still written by leaders comfortable with plain-text email. Businesses that fail to adapt their communications to today’s workforce risk losing out on significant increases in productivity.

Integral insight

Stop viewing your employee population as one group with the same interests, motivations, and values. Our team places your business needs at the heart of your employee experience. This means combining stellar design with quality research and content.

Campaign Design tell your story and message using imagery, text, colors, shapes — and white space. Design quickly conveys an emotion, a feeling, that helps engage your people.

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