Business challenge

Compensation + benefits communication is essential to retaining and engaging your talent. Per the Business Leader UK, CEOs, the best safeguard against risk is to have highly talented, agile people who can quickly pivot to meet changing conditions. Most CEOs are still feeling uncertain and vulnerable from the labor market over the last few years, so are looking to contain costs and reduce discretionary spending. Yet, compensation + benefits communication is often confusing and unwieldy.

Our approach

Organizations spend substantial time/effort crafting compensation and benefits programs. Yet, employees have difficulty navigating available benefits. They are often unaware of programs that might help them. As a result, many employees don’t understand fully or appreciate their compensation or benefits. For example, Integral’s 2022 Index found that 74% vs. 54% of managers vs. non-managers agree with the statement “I am being compensated fairly/appropriately for my current position.” That’s just one example of a clear divide that can lead to other divisions within your organization.

Integral insight

Integral crafts compensation and benefits campaigns to ensure optimal use of essential programs. We discover and create messaging that will resonate with your employer brand — and your employees. Using our research abilities, we design a channel strategy to reach your employees at all levels and locations across the enterprise. Benefits  we bring benefits out of the shadows and into the light.

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