Business challenge

An employee listening program can result in greater employee morale, motivation, productivity, creativity, and clarity. Why? Because employees not feeling recognized, heard, or understood can lead to decreased productivity, job dissatisfaction, low commitment, burnout, or even seeking out work with another organization. Attracting and retaining talent tops the list of internal concerns for CEOs worldwide, according to The Conference Board. Yet, factors that contribute to such an environment—including addressing pay inequality, development opportunities, and a psychologically safe workplace—are relatively low on their list of priorities. Further, at organizations across the globe there is troubling inequity in the feedback loop. And, per the survey, A Silenced Workforce, “When employees don’t feel heard or feel their needs aren’t met, they are less likely to maximize their talents and experience at their workplace.”

It’s essential to find, cultivate and listen to talent to build a strong, resilient culture. It means hiring employees who buy into the work and culture. And that’s not just a top-down initiative.

Our approach

The first step in any experience or communications program is understanding the people who get the work of your organization done. That means active listening. What do they need from leadership? What are they feeling and thinking? Integral’s Index found a distinct split between the experience of managers and non-managers. For example:

  • 89% vs. 77% of managers vs. non-managers indicate their organization has a positive culture
  • 43% vs. 20% of managers vs. non-managers agree with the statement “my career’s best days are ahead”

Integral insight

We help you listen. Using a wide array of tactics and tools, we can help you employee sentiment and employee viewpoints. It isn’t a one and done process. Listening programs are an ongoing practice to help leaders, managers, and employees build trust and stay in synch. A few of the tools in our toolbox? We design and deliver surveys, first-person interviews, focus groups, social listening programs, and metrics to track.

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