Business challenge

Employee Value Propositions are a promise to employees. McKinsey’s The State of Organizations 2023 pinpointed the new rules of employee attraction, retention, and attrition. Their recommendation? Close the gap between what today’s workers want and what companies need with employee value propositions tailored to individualized preferences.

Our approach

Employee Value Propositions (EVP) help organizations identify and communicate tangible and intangible benefits. The right EVP will help your business achieve its best outcomes by attracting, motivating, and retaining talented people. We can help you craft an EVP specific to your organization, its mission, and its work.

Integral insight

Remember we said that an Employee Value Propositions are a promise to your employees? That’s a huge plus — as long as you keep the promise. And as long as you remember that your employees are a diverse audience.


We can share what we’ve learned from clients who listened to employees, crafted an Employee Value Proposition based on what they learned, and then delivered on it. For a great example, check out the Neiman Marcus Group People Report. It describes NMG’s multi-year journey to create a personalized employee experience where “one size fits one.”

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