Business challenge

“Finding and retaining talent continues to be a huge challenge that nearly all CEOs place at the top of their internal priority list.” – The Conference Board, C Suite Outlook 2023

Employer branding is simply an organization’s reputation as a place to work. To a potential employee, it’s often just as important as the overall brand: respected companies may also have the reputation of being tough places to work.

An employer brand is crucial, not just to potential employees, but for current employees. Current employees’ perception of their treatment drives morale, retention, and productivity. And in a world of pervasive social media, with sites like Glassdoor measuring employee sentiment, the perceptions of current employees are one of the most important drivers of an organization’s reputation in the market.

Our approach

Integral’s team members are experienced in helping organizations discover, understand, improve, polish, promote, and reinforce their employer competitive advantage. We use a range of discovery tools to learn about what your best employees think and feel about working for your organization and why they stay. This discovery feeds into your employer branding.

Our annual survey of US employees, the Integral Index, shows how powerful employee attitudes are. 84% of employees who describe their organization as having a positive culture also say they are claim to be loyal employees. The key is to externalize your employer brand to reflect the experience of your most loyal employees.

Integral insight

Listening: the best way to build your employer brand. Make sure you understand current employees’ perceptions. Maybe some of them are great! Maybe you’re already doing things that are really appreciated, and that you could publicize right now. And if there are things employees want, or things they’re not happy about, you want to know that too.

There’s no better way to build your employer brand than by listening to employee concerns – and then acting on them.

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