Business Challenge

Manager Communications? What?! Why?!

Much has been written about managers being the “frozen middle.”   Trapped between opposing demands from the top and bottom parts of the organization. Possibly excluded from essential information in sideways silos. The layer of the frozen middle results in operational inefficiencies and underperformance. A sustainable manager communication framework unlocks the manager channel to drive growth.

You likely don’t need employee focus groups or surveys to know this: your organization’s managers are your most important and influential communications channel.

  • Who has the most impact on your career?
  • Whose email do you open first at work?
  • Who in your daily work life invites you to the most meetings?

In most of these cases, it’s likely your manager.

Yet, organizations often overlook manager communications as a vital and effective communication channel.

Our approach

As budgets and teams shrink, communicators rely more on comms channels and commtech tools. These both go around the manager and share messages directly with employees. Yet, managers want to be treated as part of the management team to which they belong. No manager wants to receive big announcements at the same time that their employees do. This kind of treatment and behavior leaves them unprepared to champion the message—or even to answer questions.

Integral insight

Our approach adds specific tactics that unlock managers to become champions of change. Focusing on the overall employee experience means finding ways to make managers part of your comms plans. Integral tailors our programs  to supplement employee comms work you may already be doing. We’ve worked with clients to boost the effectiveness of their employee communications strategy and plans. How?  By adding in a strong manager communications program.

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