Business challenge

Reorgs, M&As, relocations. All of these are big changes. Consequently, poor employee health has repeatedly been associated with organizational change, according to original research published in Frontiers in Psychology). This could be re-organizations, mergers & acquisitions, and/or relocations. Somatic and mental health complaints, presenteeism and long-term sick leave have been affiliated with large-scale organizational changes, such as company restructuring, downsizing and outsourcing.

Employees can experience organizational change as an opportunity to gain and as a risk of losing when existing work and processes change in foreseen and unforeseen ways. The negative effects of a company’s psychosocial working conditions may contribute to adverse employee health.

Our approach

As organizations adapt to continually evolving circumstances, it is imperative to help your people effectively navigate changes. This is especially true when change is going to be disruptive (reorganization, merger & acquisition, and/or a relocation). One key element is communicating a consistent change story. This means across channels and all titles. For best results, organizations must ensure that all employees understand where the organization is headed. This includes explaining frequently why things are changing, why those changes are important, the transformation’s timeline and what the key performance indicators are.

Integral insight

Change in the workplace is inevitable. Reorganizations. Mergers. Acquisitions. Relocations. At Integral, we understand the impact of workplace changes. We understand how they impact:

  • leadership
  • business models
  • organizational structure
  • talent management
  • employer brand

Integral’s team ensures organizations support their employees in the face of reorgs, M&As, relocations. Regardless of  how complex or challenging the change, we possess strong experience building out and/or implementing an employee experience plan that connects employees and answers questions.


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