Business challenge

Rewards and recognition programs is a practice that pays for itself. Advice featured in Forbes 2023 Common Concerns states that how you treat people during tough times will be a signal to them – and to the marketplace – of your true commitment. Don’t let up on engaging, inspiring and developing your most precious resources. Prioritize people, and the profits will come. In difficult times, its easy to lose track of this.

Our approach

Done right, a year-round ritual of rewarding high performers and team players delivers more benefits than it costs in dollars. Increased productivity. Decreased turnover. Improved morale. Some options include

  • named awards
  • spot bonuses
  • peer-to-peer thank-you’s
  • spotlighting individual accomplishments
  • highlighting team achievements

These rituals build your organizational culture, and reinforce behaviors your organization wants to encourage.

Integral insight

Integral develop rewards and recognition programs by understanding your goals, your current state, and your employee segments. We discover how your employee segments are interpreting your current rewards and recognitions. Our clients work across a spectrum of industries and geographic locations. We help you engage employees at all levels of the organization across geographic locations. Our strategic thinking and creative tactics will keep your employees engaged and productive.

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Want to learn more?

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