Business challenge

Talent campaign worries? Not surprising. The KPMG 2023 CEO Outlook finds that the “challenging global landscape underscores the pressures feel to make decisions on a variety of critical issues — and they impact how CEOs plan to support and attract talent over the next three years.” Generational differences on return-to-office, hybrid, and remote work have an influence over your employee value proposition. Don’t ignore your employee needs and concerns. Further, a SHRM article estimates that total cost to hire a new employee can be three to four times the position’s salary. This doesn’t include indirect costs of productivity loss, information flow, competition costs, stress, or time spent focused on other issues.


Our approach

Talent campaigns work to retain your top performers. Integral designs custom processes to identify current workforce skill sets, talent gaps, and understanding. Using these findings, Integral creates customized talent retention and recruitment campaigns. Unquestionably, we encourage a flow of top-notch candidates to apply for your key vacancies. Certainly, we target the candidates you’re looking for through LinkedIn, social media, industry publications and more. Moreover, we even use our own newsletter to share our client’s job openings!


Integral insight

Feeling part of something bigger than oneself is a deeply human and essential need. With this intention, we’ve got a wealth of diverse perspectives and experience with talent campaigns. We solve talent and culture challenges across multiple industries. Our cross-disciplinary experts examine the dynamics and internal processes that enhance and maximize your employee experience. We then craft those findings into effective talent recruitment campaigns.


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