Business Challenge

Team off-sites + workshops are a time for leaders to come together for open conversations about the truth of what the organization is facing. DDI’s 2023 Global Leadership Forecast reveals that crumbling trust is contributing to a crisis of confidence in management. This deterioration of trust is related to retaining talent and/or equipping people to compete in a rapidly changing business landscape. Building a better workplace for their employees takes leaders willing to focus on building trust, being open, avoiding burnout, and giving people a sense of meaning and purpose.

Our approach

People have a low tolerance for ineffective leadership and leaders with poor interpersonal skills. Team off-sites + workshops are an opportunity for leaders to put extra effort into repairing or reinforcing relationships to improve teamwork, collaboration, and/or performance. Active listening builds trust. People are more likely to trust and connect with leaders who open up about their own struggles, weaknesses, and imperfections. A working environment where employees feel safe to seek help and advice is going to lead to more productive and compelling outcomes.

Integral insight

Integral has experience in a wide variety of creating team off-sites and workshops. We customize formats and vibe to your needs. Integral helps you define your desired outcomes, both tangible and intangible. Through strategic planning and intention-setting, our experienced leaders provide the structure and activities to achieve your defined outcomes. Just a sample of what we can design for:

  • team building and bonding
  • creating culture
  • addressing team dynamics and ways of working
  • strategic planning sessions
  • solving targeted challenges
  • celebrating a milestone

Want to learn more about team off-sites + workshops?

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Want to learn more?

Let's talk!