Business Challenge

Teamwork methods – everyone seems to have their opinion about what they prefer and what works best. The article, “What’s Keeping CEOs up at night,” finds that CEOs are incredibly concerned about the state of talent in their organizations. The collaborative nature of teams brings with it challenges and pitfalls that people working solo don’t face. Trust is the linchpin of creating a culture that attracts and retains top talent from all backgrounds. However, few companies are exceeding in this area. Only 32% of employees say they trust senior leaders at their organization to do what is right. Yikes!

Our approach

CEOs and organizations succeed with a foundation of and a strong culture of trust. But how do you create that across a workforce of thousands? Integral has deep experience listening and looking at the processes within an organization.  What channels of communication, both formal and informal, impact trust? And what channels make sense given the desired outcome? Yeah, “Teamwork makes the dreamwork.” But when there are siloes and a lack of understanding and/or buy-in, teamwork can be the nightmare. And that’s not even addressing generational differences, time-differences, or lack of shared priorities.


Integral insight

There are any number of approaches organizations can take to build strong teams. 4 C’s? 5 C’s?  (For starters: clarity, commitment, contribution, concerns, coordination, communication, camaraderie, commitment, cooperation, confidence, coachability, collaboration). So many lists. So little time. Let Integral help you figure out what’s lacking in your teamwork methods, what your goals are, and how we can get you there.


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