Is shadow technology putting your organization at risk?
May 5, 2023
What technology is lurking in the shadows of your organization? Shadow technology is software deployed by people and departments without the approval or involvement of the central IT department, to work around perceived technology shortcomings. Ask…
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2023 Digital Workplace Trends – What We See Coming
January 23, 2023
The last few years have been very exciting for digital workplaces and communication technology solutions. More organizations have recognized the importance of internal communications, collaboration, and the significance of employee engagement. Broad…
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CommTech Tools: From Distribution to Insight
February 8, 2022
Turn CommTech tool insights into action to enable positive employee behavior change and inform strategic direction and tactics. Read…
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Navigating the CommTech Ecosystem Webinar Recap
January 10, 2022
Integral's Digital Workplace Consultant, Scott Ashen, and CEO, Ethan McCarty discussed the major questions and misconceptions around CommTech, and how the Integral CommTech Catalog can help streamline your search. Read…
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People-Skills Needed Before Onboarding CommTech Tools
November 18, 2021
The CommTech framework plays out differently for folks tasked with employee activation than for people communicating with the public. In a series of three posts about People, Methods, and Tools, I explore important considerations for internal…
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Digital Experience, Culture, and CommTech: an interview with Grant McLaughlin
July 28, 2021
Digital experience for employees should be simple, inclusive, and increase productivity How are you building your employee digital experience? Grant McLaughlin, is the founder and Principal of Engaged Leadership LLC. This is a consultancy serving…
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