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Thanks for stopping by to learn about the Integral Index. It is our annual study of US employees that gives us — and you — insight into the state of the workplace and how employees feel about it.

We’re releasing this year’s Index as a five-part series, with a new section appearing here every 3-4 weeks.

This is our third year of working with The Harris Poll on the Index. This year we also worked with Rita Men, Ph.D., APR, who helped to craft the study and analyze the resulting data. Dr. Men is a Professor in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida and Director of the Internal Communications Research Hub.


Download the available Index sections below.

We hope you’ll come back to see the new Parts we’ll be releasing before the end of the year.


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2023 Integral Index - Part 1
Click image to access Part 1


2023 Integral Index
Part 3 – coming soon!


Integral Index Part 5
Part 5 – coming in December!



2023 Integral Index, Part 2
Click image to access Part 2


2023 Integral Index, Part 4
Part 4 – coming soon! 


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