What we do

Integral brings leaders and employees together to navigate epic changes.

From research to strategy to execution, we create programs that inspire and motivate employees to do their best work.

Our team members are cross-disciplinary experts with diverse perspectives and experience in solving challenges across multiple industries.

Let’s change the future of work, for good.

Our offerings
No two challenges are the same, but we've created a wide range of solutions for our clients:

Employer branding
Employee value propositions (EVPs)
Talent campaigns

Employee experience strategy
Employee engagement
Employee listening programs
Comp + benefits communication
Rewards and recognition programs

Executive strategy retreats
Team off-sites + workshops
Team vision & mission working sessions

Visual design
UX and human-centered design
Campaign design

Reorgs, M&A, relocation
Digital transformation
Change communication
Downsize with dignity
Teamwork methods

Values development & socialization
Narrative development
Ways of working

Operating models and workflow
Content governance
Visual branding and guidelines
Editorial guidelines
Social media guidelines + standards

Executive coaching
Manager activation

Digital strategy
Digital workplaces
Intranet design
Employee mobile apps
Platform selection & vendor evaluation

Content/editorial strategy
Messaging frameworks
Thought leadership
Content creation
Integration of internal and external channels

Social activation of leaders and experts
Social listening to understand your market

Our offerings

No two challenges are the same, but we’ve created a wide range of solutions for our clients

Content + Editorial

Words matter. You need your message to land as you intend. It’s important to deliver the right content to the right audience in their preferred channel. Integral’s advisors have deep experience creating a content strategy to map against imperatives, leading to desired outcomes and behaviors. We also have award-winning writers and designers who bring your stories and messages to life. Let us help you create content that inspires your internal and external audiences.


Clear visual communication impacts an organization’s ability to cut through digital clutter. Integral uses design to bridge the gap between concepts and words. We work with you to understand strategic priorities, the various internal audiences, when and where they work, and how they access information. Strong design makes the most of context and environment to achieve desired outcomes and behaviors.


Successful teams set aside time to discuss objectives, goals, and actionable plans outside your day-to-day activities. Someone outside your team and organization can help you create a safe respectful, meaningful environment and transformative experience. Without insider experience, Integral’s facilitators guide and oversee activities, discussions, and interactions. As a neutral third party, we manage group dynamics, mediate conflicts/disagreements, and encourage collaboration, creativity, and open communication.


Integral brings leaders and employees together to navigate epic changes. Our Integral Index identifies gaps in organization understanding and commitment between executives, managers, and employees. Let us help your leaders become more effective communicators and unlock your manager channel to drive growth.

Talent acquisition

Hiring the right talent is the foundation for building high-performing teams that drive success. At Integral, we understand the paramount importance of attracting and retaining top talent. We can help you to understand and enhance your employer brand and value proposition, and to execute recruitment campaigns for specific audiences or roles.

Talent retention

Retaining talent is essential to ensuring organizational growth. At Integral, we know what it takes to create an employee environment that makes it easy for top talent to stay and succeed. From employee listening campaigns to designing a range of employee programs, we can help you execute retention strategies that help you meet your business objectives.

Retained Services
When you're rallying a whole organization around change, you need a great partner. Integral can be a sounding board, a strategic architect, or a highly skilled execution team. Whatever you need, on demand -- whether it's for 12 hours a month or 200.

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“The team at Integral helped us rethink employee communications at Morningstar, from how our team operates across Corporate Communications and Talent & Culture to how we can personalize content for our growing and increasingly distributed workforce. Integral was not only a strategic partner, but also soon became our friends and coaches. It’s rare to find a team that will so quickly be truly ‘in it’ alongside you.”
Stephanie Lerdall
CCO, Morningstar

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