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Words matter. You need your message to land as you intend. It’s important to deliver the right content to the right audience in their preferred channel. Integral’s advisors have deep experience creating a content strategy to map against imperatives, leading to desired outcomes and behaviors. We also have award-winning writers and designers who bring your stories and messages to life. Let us help you create content that inspires your internal and external audiences.

Content + Editorial offerings:
– Messaging frameworks and strategy
– Thought Leadership
– Content creation


Messaging framework + strategy

Business Challenge

Every organization needs to regularly review its content strategy to ensure it matches desired strategic outcomes. Without a content strategy and messaging platform, your important audiences may not hear or may misunderstand your core message or call to action.

Every organization must ensure that its strategic messaging is aligned across all paid, owned and earned media channels, whether internal or external.


Integral’s first step is to confirm your organization’s strategic intent. Our experts conduct a comprehensive audit of your organization’s internal and external channels.  Using the audit results, we determine if/how your channels are optimized against your strategy. From there, we work with you to develop a content strategy that includes a unified messaging framework mapped against your priority audiences.

Integral insight
According to Marketo, “93 percent of B2B buyers begin their buying process using Internet search.” Without a thoughtful content strategy, you may be missing out on customers who are trying to find you. Moreover, there is a risk if you are saying one thing publicly and another thing on internal channels. Ensuring both internal and external channels align is key to a good employer reputation.

How do clients measure success?
Clients typically rely on tools associated with their digital publications to measure readership and engagement.

Integral is an experienced intranet content and strategy provider. We have determined that reaching 10 percent of your employee audience measured by unique clicks is an indicator of a successful article. Modern measurement tools include a way to track various forms of engagement, such as clicking on a link within the story, forwarding the story, commenting on the story and rating the story.

Similar tools also track external readership and engagement. Another measure is to determine if your external content is being referenced by other sources over time.

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