Design (visual communication) has a strong impact on an organization’s ability to cut through digital clutter to inform, inspire and motivate audiences. At Integral, we know bridging the gap between concepts and words with cross-functional collaborative teams drives strategic priorities and reinforces messaging. We can help you find the most effective ways for your organization to tackle internal strategic and business challenges through design. Understanding that design is an iterative process that includes audience needs and preferences, the context and environment of the design, and a clear understanding of desired outcomes. 

Facilitation offerings:
– Visual design
– UX and human-centered design
– Campaign design

Campaign design

Business Challenge
A Techsmith report, The Value of Visuals: A Business Case for Visual Communication in the Workplace, notes that there is no one solution to the complex issue of business productivity. However, there are a multitude of small adjustments businesses can take to increase their productivity level, including upgrading internal communications can boost engagement and productivity.

Outside the workplace, employees have a robust experience with a variety of digital tools and channels. Younger workers incorporate their communications with visuals: videos, GIFs, emojis or photos. Yet many internal communications are still written by leaders comfortable with plain-text email. Businesses that fail to adapt their communications to today’s workforce risk losing out on significant increases in productivity. 

Integral insight
Our team combines stellar design with research and content that places your business needs at the heart of your employee experience.

Want to learn more about how we create and use campaign design to build an employee experience that produces results?  
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