Design (visual communication) has a strong impact on an organization’s ability to cut through digital clutter to inform, inspire and motivate audiences. At Integral, we know bridging the gap between concepts and words with cross-functional collaborative teams drives strategic priorities and reinforces messaging. We can help you find the most effective ways for your organization to tackle internal strategic and business challenges through design. Understanding that design is an iterative process that includes audience needs and preferences, the context and environment of the design, and a clear understanding of desired outcomes. 

Facilitation offerings:
– Visual design
– UX and human-centered design
– Campaign design

Visual design

Business Challenge
A Techsmith report, The Value of Visuals: A Business Case for Visual Communication in the Workplace, shares insights that clarify the gap between business inertia and employee expectations. Employees who are used to visual communication in their personal lives expect it in their professional lives. The report found that two out of three employees carry out tasks better with visual communication vs. non-visual. Moreover, they absorb the information 7% faster.

Need to appeal to overwhelmed employees with shorter attention spans and digital fatigue? Visual design can meet that need. Humans are visual animals. Using images, colors, layouts, lines, typography, white space, designers enhance the aesthetic and usability of a digital product. Recent technological developments have shifted how people communicate and absorb information — especially younger generations.

Integral insight
Visual communication takes a thoughtful, systematic and creative approach to effectively communicate a message, evoke emotions, and create a positive user/brand experience. Our designers understand the larger industry and market trends. We take a mindful approach to guide the viewer’s eye to prioritized content. We use design to engage readers/users with compelling images and graphics, typography, layout, adapting content to different devices and screen sizes.

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