Successful teams set aside time to discuss objectives, goals, and actionable plans outside your day-to-day activities. Someone outside your team and organization can help you create a safe respectful, meaningful environment and transformative experience. Without insider experience, Integral’s facilitators guide and oversee activities, discussions, and interactions. As a neutral third party, we manage group dynamics, mediate conflicts/disagreements, and encourage collaboration, creativity, and open communication. 

Facilitation offerings:
– Executive strategy retreats
– Team off-sites + workshops
– Team vision & mission working sessions

Executive strategy retreats

Business Challenge
McKinsey published a research-based article on how organizations are getting strategy wrong—and how to do it right. Their research found that too much corporate work on strategy has devolved into setting financial-performance goals rather than addressing important and often imminent difficulties. McKinsey defines serious strategy situations as “gnarly” because they present multiple issues where the underlying forces and logic at work are not immediately obvious.

Integral’s team members understand the gritty reality of those so-called “soft-skills” that impact these difficult discussions: how “the facts” are defined and experienced, psychological safety, communication patterns, and a desire to protect one’s “territory.” We can help your team suss out how the challenges, blockers, and possible solutions intersect with or threaten each leader’s or department’s identity/reputation.

Integral insight
Our Integral team members have deep experience in advising corporate executives. We design executive strategy retreats to uncover complex situations. Our team members are experienced in facilitating difficult discussions in psychologically safe spaces. Our insights and guidance help leaders define the heart of high-stakes challenges and identify myriad blockers. Based on what we learn together, we assist executives design a strategy that combines policy, action, and communications that help the organization move forward.

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