Successful teams set aside time to discuss objectives, goals, and actionable plans outside your day-to-day activities. Someone outside your team and organization can help you create a safe respectful, meaningful environment and transformative experience. Without insider experience, Integral’s facilitators guide and oversee activities, discussions, and interactions. As a neutral third party, we manage group dynamics, mediate conflicts/disagreements, and encourage collaboration, creativity, and open communication. 

Facilitation offerings:
– Executive strategy retreats
– Team off-sites + workshops
– Team vision & mission working sessions

Team vision & mission working sessions

Business Challenge
PwC’s 26th Annual Global CEO Survey reveals the dual imperative facing today’s CEO: reinventing their businesses for the future while reckoning with complex near-term challenges. The last several years have been reshaping the business environment – massive disruptions, the COVID-19 Pandemic, social instability, shifting economies, (geo) political issues, new technologies, and multidimensional frameworks. Integral knows that setting the vision and creating a strong sense of purpose starts at the top of the organization.

C-suite executives need to set a clear vision for what the organization is striving to achieve and clearly communicate that. Defining SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant/reality-based, time-bound) goals will clarify to lower-level teams how they’ll know what success looks like. Promoting activities and behaviors so that managers and teams make contributions that impact overall success.

Integral insight
We design and facilitate team vision & mission working sessions to help organizations and their people meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. Integral works with you to align your systems and processes, as well as examine and adjust effective communications and talent management strategies. Uncertainty and unpredictable challenges require a shift in mindset toward collaborative models (versus competitive ones that create silos). We will help your senior leaders find ways to engage and inspire their workforce.

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