Navigating change

To remain competitive and relevant, organizations must adapt to meet the complex and changing needs of customers, employees, and stakeholders. At Integral, we understand the vision, strategies and tactics that organizations need to help engage and support their employees through all kinds of changes. 

Navigating change offerings:
– Reorgs, M&As, relocations
– Digital transformation
– Change communication
– Downsize with dignity
– Teamwork methods

Change communication

Business Challenge
Managing change processes successfully is vital for an organizations’ survival. Research reported in Corporate Communications: An International Journal, found that a well-planned and executed change communication strategy is essential for successful change. This requires a three-pronged approach: an understanding of individual dispositions and open dialogue, organizational context and climate, and change communication.

Internal communication is the super power that holds the organization and its people together in times of change. Creating trust is foundational. Effective change communication includes appreciation and respect; transparent, clear steps of the change process and the opportunity to participate in the change process. Management often ignores that employees require some time to accept and adapt.  Making space and dialogue for that can reduce resistance and generate support.

Integral insight
Employees feel all kinds of ways about change: threatened, excited, curious, and more. It comes down to their understanding of what the change means for them, personally. The majority of employees welcome change when they perceive the motives as beneficial. When employees feel valued, change becomes easier. For example, it may be a signal that the organization is staying up-to-date, which can represent opportunities to grow. Change that incorporates dialogue between the organization and its employees, instead of a top-down order, is imperative to successful transformation.

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