Navigating change

To remain competitive and relevant, organizations must adapt to meet the complex and changing needs of customers, employees, and stakeholders. At Integral, we understand the vision, strategies and tactics that organizations need to help engage and support their employees through all kinds of changes. 

Navigating change offerings:
– Reorgs, M&As, relocations
– Digital transformation
– Change communication
– Downsize with dignity
– Teamwork methods

Downsizing with dignity

Business Challenge
Original research published in Frontiers in Psychology found that organizational change has repeatedly been associated with adverse effects on employee health. Large-scale organizational changes, such as company restructuring, downsizing and outsourcing have been linked to somatic and mental health complaints, presenteeism and long-term sick leave.

As organizations adapt to continually evolving circumstances, it is imperative to help your people effectively navigate those changes. One key element is communicating a consistent change story across channels to ensure all employees understand where the organization is headed, why it is changing, why the changes are important, the transformation’s timeline and key performance indicators.

Integral insight
Change in the workplace is inevitable. Reorganizations. Mergers. Acquisitions. Relocations. At Integral, we understand the impact of workplace changes and how they impact leadership, business models, organizational structure, talent management and employer brand. Our team is experienced in building out and/or implementing an employee experience plan that ensures organizations support their employees, no matter how complex or challenging the change.  


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