Navigating change

To remain competitive and relevant, organizations must adapt to meet the complex and changing needs of customers, employees, and stakeholders. At Integral, we understand the vision, strategies and tactics that organizations need to help engage and support their employees through all kinds of changes. 

Navigating change offerings:
– Reorgs, M&As, relocations
– Digital transformation
– Change communication
– Downsize with dignity
– Teamwork methods

Digital transformation

Business Challenge
The McKinsey & Company study Unlocking success in digital transformations found that only 16 percent of respondents say their organizations’ digital transformations have successfully improved performance. Further, McKinsey’s The State of Organizations 2023 noted that companies often announce technological or digital elements in their strategies without having the right capabilities to integrate them.

To thrive, organizations must respond to digital trends. To do that requires strategic changes to improve the coordination of people, processes, and technologies. It may mean new organizational norms and values, disrupting business models, reinventing employee roles and changing customer expectations. This work is done by people, so it can get messy. And sometimes, a little political. 

Integral insight
Digital transformation means comprehensive changes throughout the organization. It reaches far beyond technology to organizational structure and strategy, talent management, leadership, and the distribution of power. We understand the impact of big changes on the employee experience–and the need to bring employees along the journey.

Integral is experienced in expanding upon, building, and capitalizing on institutional capabilities for effective digital transformations. We know how to power transformation using innovation, upgrading tools, capability building, capacity building, empowering employees and frequent, clear communications.  

We incorporate basics such as:

  • an integrated set of people (acquisition and retention)
  • developing and testing processes
  • finding the right technology

Interested in talking about digital transformations and how to make them work for your business and people? Let’s talk!

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