Talent acquisition

Hiring the right talent is the foundation for building high-performing teams that drive success. “The right talent” can mean many things: skills, expertise, self-awareness, curiosity, cultural fit, and more. At Integral, we understand the paramount importance of attracting and retaining top talent. We can help you to understand and enhance your employer brand and value proposition, and to execute recruitment campaigns for specific audiences or roles.

Talent acquisition offerings:
Employer branding
Employee value propositions (EVPs)
– Talent campaigns

Talent campaigns

Business Challenge
A study by Workday, 6 Top CEO Priorities and How to Address Them, reported that CEOs cited hiring the right talent as a top priority. 78% of CEOs said they expect to increase headcount over the next three years. Yet they also worry about finding the right skills and potentially having to retrain existing teams to develop new talents.

Integral designs custom processes for organizations to identify current workforce skill sets, talent gaps, and understand how best to retain top performers. Using this, Integral can create customized talent recruitment campaigns that encourage a flow of top-notch candidates to apply for your key vacancies. We can target the candidates you’re looking for through LinkedIn, social media, industry publications and more. We even use our own newsletter to share our client’s job openings!

Integral insight
We’ve got a wealth of diverse perspectives and experience in solving talent and culture challenges across multiple industries. Feeling part of something bigger than oneself is a deeply human and essential need. Our cross-disciplinary experts examine the dynamics and internal processes that enhance the employee experience, help you maximize them, and craft them into effective talent recruitment campaigns.

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