Talent retention

Retaining talent is essential to ensuring organizational growth. At Integral, we know what it takes to create an employee environment that makes it easy for top talent to stay and succeed. From employee listening campaigns to designing a range of employee programs, we can help you execute retention strategies that help you meet your business objectives. 

Talent retention offerings:
– Employee experience strategy
– Employee engagement
– Employee listening programs
– Comp + benefits communication
– Rewards and recognition programs

Employee engagement

Business Challenge
CEOs report that transformational innovation within their own companies must be a high priority, especially in an environment where new market entrants can quickly rise up and challenge existing business models. According to Workday’s study, 6 Top CEO Priorities and How to Address Them, CEOs view innovation as a long-term strategy. This means that CEOs need to foster a culture where innovation is rewarded, and where teams feel that they have the freedom to challenge long-held assumptions.

What would it take for your organization to create a culture that fosters creativity and innovation? Look at what kinds of processes, protocols, and rewards are in place to create a psychologically safe environment for teams and team members to question what’s been done in the past.

Integral insight
Integral builds strategies and tactics for boosting trust and employee engagement. Engaged employees drive productivity, innovation, and overall organizational performance. They’re also crucial brand ambassadors, attracting and retaining other top talent. What engages them? Listening to their input, communicating openly through the right channels, and signaling change with internal campaigns.

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