Talent retention

Retaining talent is essential to ensuring organizational growth. At Integral, we know what it takes to create an employee environment that makes it easy for top talent to stay and succeed. From employee listening campaigns to designing a range of employee programs, we can help you execute retention strategies that help you meet your business objectives. 

Talent retention offerings:
– Employee experience strategy
– Employee engagement
– Employee listening programs
– Comp + benefits communication
– Rewards and recognition programs

Employee experience strategy

Business Challenge
According to Forbes 2023 Common Concerns, CEOs are concerned about economic uncertainty and leaders are waiting to see what happens before acting. At the same time, marketing strategist Mark W. Schaefer, notes, “The only remedy for employee drain is community, which is defined as communion, purpose, and progression.” Finding ways to establish and reinforce trust is pivotal in fostering an employee experience that attracts and retains exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds – especially in times of uncertainty.

The employee experience encompasses all aspects of the employee’s work life: internal communications, culture, ways of working, rewards and recognition, employee engagement, HR programs, professional development, negotiating hybrid/remote/onsite work, and even the design of workspaces.

Integral insight
We will look at your environment holistically and work with you to drive change in the areas that will help your organization more effectively define outcomes and reach its goals. Creating open, two-way communication with employees and addressing their expectations for work-life balance, career development, and a sense of meaning. Understanding and helping to build trust within an organization is one of the ways that Integral creates a community for the employee experience.

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