Talent retention

Retaining talent is essential to ensuring organizational growth. At Integral, we know what it takes to create an employee environment that makes it easy for top talent to stay and succeed. From employee listening campaigns to designing a range of employee programs, we can help you execute retention strategies that help you meet your business objectives. 

Talent retention offerings:
– Employee experience strategy
– Employee engagement
– Employee listening programs
– Comp + benefits communication
– Rewards and recognition programs

Rewards and recognition programs

Business Challenge
Advice featured in Forbes 2023 Common Concerns states that how you treat people during tough times will be a signal to them – and to the marketplace – of your true commitment. Don’t let up on engaging, inspiring and developing your most precious resources. Prioritize people, and the profits will come.

A year-round practice of rewarding high performers and team players delivers far more in productivity and in morale than it costs in dollars. Options can include named awards, spot bonuses, peer-to-peer thank-you’s, or simply highlighting team or individual achievements. These rituals create your organizational culture,  and reinforce behaviors the organization wants to encourage.

Integral insight
We’ve developed these rewards and recognition programs for a range of corporate clients, reaching employees across geographic locations, and at all levels of the organization. Discovering how your employee segments are interpreting your current rewards and recognitions, will help you find new ways of keeping your employees engaged and productive.

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