Poor line manager communications – How to fix it

*Content originally published via Poppulo

Line managers play a crucial role in any organization’s communication chain, yet they are frequently seen as a blocker and ill-equipped or inadequately trained for what they are expected to do.

This guide, authored for Poppulo by Ethan McCarty, CEO of Integral Communications Group, focuses on how to get your managers thinking about communications within their teams in order to produce more engagement across the board, including:

  • Transforming meeting rituals
  • Storytelling and employee recognition
  • Treating the physical experience of work as a communications ‘channel’.
  • Shifting to side-to-side communications
  • Connecting great communications and strong leadership skills in the minds of managers


Source: https://www.poppulo.com/resources/poor-line-manager-communications-how-to-fix-it/

Ethan McCarty
Ethan is the founder and CEO of Integral, an award-winning employee activation agency serving leaders of Communications, HR, Marketing and Technology at organizations global and local alike.

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