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Second Amendment Rights vs. Gun Violence: Workplace Polarization
June 16, 2022
Issues in the outside world impact the work environment. Understanding the impact of these issues and events on employees is essential for supporting employees, teams, projects, and productivity. Taking a nuanced approach is key. Read…
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Reproductive Rights, Your Employees, and Your Organization: the Impact on Employee Well-being
June 2, 2022
Navigating reproductive rights with your employees Do your employees care about your company’s stance on reproductive rights? The answer is yes. Well, some of them. Only 5% of US employees ranked ‘reproductive rights’ as an issue for their…
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Widening the net. Build a more diverse talent strategy for Veterans
June 1, 2022
The 2021 Integral Employee Activation Index showed that 26% of participants ranked job creation as a societal issue that is important for their organization to make a positive difference on, however veterans issues generated 13% of…
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Feedback that counts means kindness and clarity
May 2, 2022
This post discusses what it takes to build a culture of continuous, honest, compassionate, and clear feedback. And why it matters. Using an ongoing dialogue loop to provide praise and criticism and how it affects you, your people, and your business.…
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Building Trust Through Active Listening
March 15, 2022
For those in the client* services industry, developing an active listening habit is more than good manners—it’s a survival skill. As a strategist, the art of listening to clients can, at first, seem like a paradox. On the one hand, you’ve been hired for your expertise. On the other hand, there’s human nature—people want to Read…
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Be Intentional with your Employee Communications
February 28, 2022
Employees deserve crisp, actionable news that motivates, delights, and even inspires. Employees are being bombarded beyond Zoom calls and Slack chats. Our job as communicators is to maximize our omnichannel approach, integrating messaging so the employee experience is seamless regardless of the channel they use. That starts with content that speaks to employees where they Read…
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CommTech Tools: From Distribution to Insight
February 8, 2022
Turn CommTech tool insights into action to enable positive employee behavior change and inform strategic direction and tactics. Read…
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#CuriousNerds: Learning from Black PR History: The Imperative of Belonging
January 31, 2022
Highlights from attending an event co-sponsored by the Museum of Public Relations and the Diversity Action Alliance. Read…
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Multigenerational Workforce? Five Ways to Target Your Audience
January 27, 2022
Five tips to ensure your messages reach the right audience in a multigenerational workforce. I am bombarded with messaging every minute of the day. My devices can’t discern personal interests from professional news from noise. What do I open first? Most likely, the same things as you: content I can tell is relevant to me. Read…
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Making CommTech Tools Work Harder Through Agile
January 18, 2022
The CommTech framework plays out differently for folks tasked with employee activation than it does for people communicating with the public. In a series of three posts about People, Methods and Tools, I will explore important considerations for internal communication. Part 2: How attention to work method creates forward momentum Do you know how your Read…
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