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Life, work and the 2023 Index
September 26, 2023
What Integral’s research shows about creating employee experiences that drive engagement (pssst! it’s life and work) Philosophers, poets, industrialists, communists, freedom fighters and tyrants alike situate work at the center of their…
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Unlock the manager channel to drive growth
August 24, 2023
It’s no secret that communication skills are a must-have for managers. In fact, 93% of job descriptions list it as a requirement or preference according to Indeed. And when managers are equipped with skills and tools to have meaningful…
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Downsizing with Dignity
August 15, 2023
Five Imperatives to Do the Right Thing and Stay Out of the News Thinking about downsizing? Then downsize with dignity. As companies navigate the challenges of a recession, downsizing may become a necessary reality. It is beyond tricky to execute the…
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How do you show love for your job?
June 12, 2023
Love what you do and the people around you As a communicator, I often talk to our clients about helping leaders be more authentic in their interactions. I recently paused to look into the mirror myself to wonder, am I being authentic? Do I genuinely…
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Managers Influence Culture
May 8, 2023
Managers influence culture, engagement, and retention Hey you, people manager. Guess what? Managers influence culture. Yeah. Demonstrating your organization’s culture, engaging employees, and encouraging them to remain (and rewarding them for…
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Address shadow technology at your organization
May 5, 2023
What is shadow technology exactly? It’s when individuals or departments within an organization use unapproved platforms and technology. As I noted in Part I, this is problematic for many reasons. Organizations must find ways to address shadow…
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Is shadow technology putting your organization at risk?
May 5, 2023
What technology is lurking in the shadows of your organization? Shadow technology is software deployed by people and departments without the approval or involvement of the central IT department, to work around perceived technology shortcomings. Ask…
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Employees: your company’s biggest influencers.
May 4, 2023
Your company’s influencers are coming from inside your organization. Those of us who communicate for a living are in the business of influence. We shape the reputations of our organizations, the narratives coming from leaders’ mouths, and…
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We Asked 1200 Employees Which Political Issues Matter Most      
April 27, 2023
The Answer Changed Our Minds  My agency conducts the Integral Employee Activation Index annually with The Harris Poll to understand employee mindset and behaviors. We just did a pulse check and the results stunned me. Employees’ expectations…
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The Page Society Spring Seminar: Five and a Half Insights
April 25, 2023
The Page Society Spring Seminar has been a cornerstone of The Page Society‘s events. And I’ve been in the Page network for better than a decade now. This community has offered one extraordinary learning experience after another. And, I’m…
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