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The challenges we face in this moment create unprecedented stress on companies, individuals and families. These same global dynamics bring opportunities to improve our communication, culture, and capacity for change. We put our clients’ needs first to ensure we provide dependable, compassionate and informed strategic support for you and your team.

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Our best-in-class internal communications plans and campaigns activate your employees to do their best work. Together we can take your ideas beyond words and create a strategy that inspires behavior change and engagement.
In society as well as the workplace, the ways we communicate with one another are in a state of constant flux. We work with you to optimize and evolve internal-facing tools and platforms so employee voices can be heard.
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Navigating change requires leaders who are moving in the same direction, empowered employees who have what they need to work more effectively, and a connected vision that inspires trust and loyalty.
“Culture and employee engagement mean everything to a company’s reputation. Integral is an agency that excels in understanding that employees who represent the brand well, or poorly, can make or break a reputation, particularly in our digital, hyper-connected world.”
Jason Schechter
Chief Communications Officer, Bloomberg LP


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January 18, 2022
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November 30, 2021
An Integral Index Deep Dive More than 75% of employees surveyed* know and believe in their company’s values yet it turns out, 39% of respondents say their company’s values don’t reflect their values. That gap is costly to both employees…
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