The 2023 Integral Index is here! 

Examining — and improving — the experience of work is the ‘why’ behind our agency, Integral. It’s also the reason we created the Integral Index, now in its third year.

The Integral Index is a national study of US employees that gives insight into the state of the workplace and how employees feel about it. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing our findings and analysis of key issues in the modern workplace.

Part 1: Experience, Engagement & Activation (now available)
Part 2: The Changing Workplace (now available)
Part 3: Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit (coming soon)
Part 4: The Golden Rule at Work (coming early December)
Part 5: Insights & Recommendations (coming mid-December)

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  • Inclusion
  • Employees, managers and executives
  • The impact of company size
  • Values and trust
  • Employee empowerment
  • Remote and hybrid work
  • The voice of Gen Z
  • Attitudes toward new technology
  • Social media engagement
  • Politics at work

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