Integral and The Harris Poll Find Employees are giving Employers a Performance Review

Integral Employee Activation Index shows that an organization’s performance on societal and political issues impacts employee turnover and performance on the job

New York, NY, September 21, 2021 — Integral, an employee activation agency, today announced the findings of its Integral Employee Activation Index (IEAI). A measurement of employee readiness to support organizational goals. created in collaboration with The Harris Poll, a global consulting and market research firm. Integral surveyed more than 2,000 employed individuals across the United States, to evaluate their perceptions about their mindset, priorities, compensation, and their values against 25 societal and political topics, and how well their organization was making a difference on those values.

Integral’s Employee Activation Index captures how employee personal values play a critical role in their willingness to serve as an advocate for their organization:

  • Employees who don’t believe their organization reflects their values are less likely to have a positive mindset about their job and could take negative action against their employer. 25% of respondents would warn a candidate that their organization is a bad place to work.
  • 36% of respondents feel that their organization does not reflect their values.
  • There is a clear split on sharing political views in the workplace with 48% feeling people should have the ability to share, and 51% of people feeling comfortable in sharing. Millennials and African Americans feel most strongly about sharing their viewpoints, while Baby Boomers are less comfortable and not as adamant about sharing their opinions.
  • 63% of respondents are likely to remain with their employer over the next 6-12 months.
  • Those with children at home are more likely to advocate for a union, warn a candidate away or post a negative review online about their employer.
  • Women are more likely to report feeling ‘tired’, ‘anxious’ and ‘unappreciated’ than their male counterparts.

“To create employee advocates, start by listening to them,” said Ethan McCarty, chief executive officer of Integral. “If your employees feel heard, they’re much more likely to align their own actions and professional growth to your organization’s long-term vision.”

The nation’s societal and political landscape continues to impact the workplace, as 48% of respondents feel that they should have the ability to express their political views at work. Additionally, the Index found that an organization’s performance on societal and political issues directly impacts an employees’ likelihood to change jobs.

“This study indicates the massive impact of company values on employer brand and behavior.” said Rob Jekielek, Managing Director at The Harris Poll. “If employees feel that their employer reflects their values they are, on average, almost twice as likely to feel confident, grateful, and motivated. Additionally, on average, values-aligned employees are almost twice as likely to indicate that they will stay with their employer during challenging times, go the extra mile for a colleague or client, help someone outside their team, and defend their employer in a crisis.”

It’s important for organizations to learn what motivates employees to act and engage productively on behalf of the organization. A personalized, data-driven experience will drive perceptions, actions, and engagement. By deeply understanding your employees—their wishes and aspirations—you can foster a culture of dignity, respect, connection, and well-being. A sophisticated approach to employee segmentation will give you insight into high-level demographic information (location, role, generation, organizational tenure). Psychographic information, sentiment, and individual abilities will help businesses to create personalized, targeted, and relevant content. When individuals have more clarity and feel understood, it drives activation that delivers on business outcomes.

Integral partnered with Harris Poll to gain insights into current employee perceptions and activation related to organizational culture, values, mindset, priorities, advocacy, and more. In mid-summer 2021, Harris Poll invited 2,011 self-selected, employed respondents ages 18 and older to complete the 8-minute online survey. Survey participants came from a variety of generations, racial/ethnic identities, and U.S. geographic locations.

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Founded in 1963 by pollster Lou Harris, The Harris Poll is one of the world’s leading public opinion, social intelligence, and strategy firms. Through continuous pulsing of society in the U.S. and internationally, Harris helps clients interpret, adapt and respond to constantly changing issues. Widely recognized for its polls and insight on voter sentiment, The Harris Poll also leverages bespoke polls to advise Fortune 500 C-suites on how to meet the evolving needs and wants of their customers and other stakeholders.

In 2017, The Harris Poll joined the Stagwell Group to create the largest independent data-driven digital market services firm in the U.S. The Harris Poll is run by co-CEOs Will Johnson and John Gerzema, two veteran strategists with backgrounds in analytics and brand marketing from senior roles at WPP agencies BAV Consulting and Young & Rubicam.

Integral Employee Activation Index

Ethan McCarty
Ethan is the founder and CEO of Integral, an employee activation agency serving leaders of Communications, HR, Marketing and Technology at organizations global and local alike.
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