Celebrate Success!

How will your team celebrate this year’s successes? Understand the impact they’ve had together? Get energized for the new year?

With a mere few weeks left before the chimes ring in 2023, Integral has some fun ideas to bring your team members together, whether in-person or remotely, to help you celebrate success and build a vision for the new year.

One thing Integral does well is bring people together. We lead engagements with clients to create long-term strategies that work and inspire employee behaviors. Part of this includes bringing teams together to reflect, connect, and plan for the future ahead.

Are you looking for a way to bring your team together to celebrate 2022 or plan for 2023 (or both!)? We’ve got some fun (and smart) ideas we’re happy to share with you.

Here are a few fun ways to connect, celebrate success, and ideate on the future.


Play a round or two of Moviedle, the Daily Guess That Movie game.
How to play? Watch a one-second version of the entire movie (no pausing!) Guess the title or hit skip if you don’t know it. If incorrect, you’ll get to see a longer & slower version of the movie. You get six tries in total per day. In between, you’ll see what genres of movies appeal to your co-workers and get to know them a little bit better.

Two truths and a lie.
How well do your teammates know you, either personally or your work self? This fun game can help people learn a little more about one another and have some fun.

Career decoder quiz.
Ask each of your team members to complete the career decoder quiz and then share your answers with one another. You’ll find out your Professional Personas: builder, educator, mentor, optimizer, researcher, super-connector, visionary, or warrior.


Build a team Spotify playlist.
Co-create a soundtrack for the past year that reflects your team members and the songs that bring memories to life!

Co-create a booklet of inspiring quotes.
Have each team member share one or two of their favorite quotes. Could be from someone famous, could be from a leader of your team, or could be something a colleague says that delights everyone. You can use PowerPoint or the newsletter template in Canva.

Designate a real-time reflection of the past year to help you celebrate success. Each person goes around to share their one proudest work accomplishment, one thing they learned at work this year, one challenge they overcame, and something they’re hoping for in the coming year. (Sometimes this is nice to do over lunch, whether in person or remotely!)

Plan for the future

Create a team or individual vision board. Oftentimes we don’t reserve enough time for ideating on what we want the future to be. Dedicate an hour or two for team vision boarding. Whether team members do this individually or you co-create a team vision board, this will spark ideas for your new year strategy and get you out of the day-to-day.

Build your year-long roadmap. Take the time to map out your projects for the next year and the tasks that need to get done each month to deliver on that project or goal. Use this as your source of truth as your team enters the new year.

We have a lot more exercises to help you celebrate success, connect, and plan for the future, so if you’re curious, let us know. We’d love to help your team.

Want to learn more about ways to facilitate connection or how to refresh your team offsite? Let’s talk!

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